Yew Tree Community School is committed to the promotion of excellence and personal growth by enhancing self esteem and providing educational and life opportunities for our children



Yew Tree Community School aims to:

Yew Tree children strive to:


 Plan and implement a balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum which fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Birmingham Statement.



 Increase their knowledge and skills develop their confidence and ability to take risks – setting their own targets and evaluation outcomes.



 Provide a secure and challenging environment in which we recognise the talents and abilities of every child.



 Develop as independent learners to recognise and build on their individual strengths and weaknesses.



 Ensure that self respect and respect for others lies at the heart of what we do.



 Be proud of who they are and what they can do.



 Secure equality of opportunity for all.



 Be fair and just.



 Seek excellence in all aspects of our work and behaviour.



 Improve on their previous best.



 Encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and understand how they can affect change.



 Take responsibility for their actions and understand the actions of others; increase their awareness of environmental issues.



 Celebrate success and provide the security required to overcome weaknesses.



 Make informed choices and take responsibility for the outcomes.



 Value the positive contribution that parents, carers and the wider community can make to children’s education.



 Share home and school experiences and play a leading role in welcoming their families and the wider community into their school.



 Provide pupils with opportunities to reflect on their beliefs, values and experiences and those of others.



 Increase self awareness; develop positive attitudes towards other people and respect the right of others to hold beliefs different from their own.